3 Configuring and Building AMG4PSBLAS

In order to build AMG4PSBLAS it is necessary to set up a Makefile with appropriate system-dependent variables; this is done by means of the configure script. The distribution also includes the autoconf and automake sources employed to generate the script, but usually this is not needed to build the software.

AMG4PSBLAS is implemented almost entirely in Fortran 2003, with some interfaces to external libraries in C; the Fortran compiler must support the Fortran 2003 standard plus the extension MOLD= feature, which enhances the usability of ALLOCATE. Most Fortran compilers provide this feature; in particular, this is supported by the GNU Fortran compiler, for which we recommend to use at least version 4.8. The software defines data types and interfaces for real and complex data, in both single and double precision.

Building AMG4PSBLAS requires some base libraries (see Section 3.1); interfaces to optional third-party libraries, which extend the functionalities of AMG4PSBLAS (see Section 3.2), are also available. A number of Linux distributions (e.g., Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS) provide precompiled packages for the prerequisite and optional software. In many cases these packages are split between a runtime part and a “developer” part; in order to build AMG4PSBLAS you need both. A description of the base and optional software used by AMG4PSBLAS is given in the next sections.

 3.1 Prerequisites
 3.2 Optional third party libraries
 3.3 Configuration options
 3.4 Bug reporting
 3.5 Example and test programs