6.14 psb_geasb — Assembly a dense matrix

call psb_geasb(x, desc_a, info, mold)

On Entry
The communication descriptor.
Scope: local
Type: required
Intent: in.
Specified as: a variable of type psb_desc_type.
The desired dynamic type for the internal vector storage.
Scope: local.
Type: optional.
Intent: in.
Specified as: an object of a class derived from psb_T_base_vect_type; this is only allowed when x is of type psb_T_vect_type.

On Return
The dense matrix to be assembled.
Scope: local
Type: required
Intent: inout.
Specified as: a rank one or two array with the ALLOCATABLE or an object of type psb_T_vect_type, of type real, complex or integer.
Error code.
Scope: local
Type: required
Intent: out.
An integer value; 0 means no error has been detected.