Publications describing the structure of the PSBLAS: Parallel Sparse BLAS, the library at the core of the psctoolkit

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This package was previously known as MLD2P4, these are the publication relative to its architecture and the preconditioner that implements.

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Methodologies, Theoretical and Technical Challenges

A part from the papers describing the implementation and the features of the libraries, a great deal of work is dedicated to answering theoretical questions, develop new algorithms, and solve technical and technological challenges. We collect here works related to these tasks.

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psctoolkit in the field

This is a list of works that used the libraries from psctoolkit, if you have a work in which you use one of the libraries please let us know

  1. Bertaccini, D, D’Ambra, P, Durastante, F, Filippone, S. Why diffusion-based preconditioning of Richards equation works: Spectral analysis and computational experiments at very large scale. Numer Linear Algebra Appl. 2023;e2523. Open Access
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