IAC Young Researchers Day. 2020

Published: Dec 7, 2020 by F. Durastante

IAC Young Researchers Day. 2020 edition 2020-12-10 Day dedicated to the youngest researchers working in the institute.

The “Mauro Picone” Institute for Computing Applications of the National Research Council is pleased to announce the second edition of the “IAC Young Researchers Day”.

It will be a chat between friends, a day organized to give the opportunity to fellowship holders, doctoral students, collaborators who carry out their training or research activities within the IAC, to make known their work and the various activities in which they are involved with colleagues from the Institute and external guests, through short interventions.

We are involved with the talk:

(Sparse) Linear Algebra at the Extreme Scales Sparse linear algebra is essential for a wide variety of scientific applications. The availability of highly parallel sparse solvers and preconditioners lies at the core of pretty much all multi-physics and multi-scale simulations. Technology is nowadays expanding to target exascale platforms. I am going to present some work on Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioners in which we try to face these challenges to make Exascale Computing possible. The talk will focus on one side on the theoretical aspects pertaining to the construction of the multigrid hierarchy for which the main novelty is the design and implementation of new parallel smoothers and a coarsening algorithm based on aggregation of unknowns employing weighted graph matching techniques. On the other, the talk also focuses on the libraries developed to cover the needs of having parallel BLAS feature for sparse matrices that are capable of running on machines with thousands of high-performance cores; and to discuss the advancements made by the new smoothers and coarsening algorithm as an improvement in terms of numerical scalability at low operator complexity over the algorithms available in previous releases of the package. I will present weak scalability results on two of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe, for linear systems with sizes up to $O(10^{10})$ unknowns for a benchmark Poisson problem, and strong scaling result for a wind-simulation benchmark problem. This is a joint work with P. D’Ambra, and S. Filippone. This work is supported by the EU under the Horizon 2020 Project Energy oriented Centre of Excellence: toward exascale for energy (EoCoE-II), Project ID: 824158

That is scheduled at 11.20 CET.

Giornata Giovani ricercatori IAC. Edizione 2020 2020-12-10 Giornata dedicata ai ricercatori più giovani operanti nell’istituto.

L’Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo “Mauro Picone” del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche è lieto di annunciare la II edizione della “Giornata dei Giovani IAC”.

Sarà una chiacchierata tra amici, una giornata organizzata per dare l’opportunità ai borsisti, dottorandi, assegnisti, collaboratori che svolgono la loro attività formativa o di ricerca all’interno dell’IAC, di far conoscere il proprio lavoro e le varie attività in cui sono coinvolti ai colleghi dell’Istituto e agli ospiti esterni, attraverso brevi interventi.

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