5 User Interface

The basic user interface of AMG4PBLAS consists of eight methods. The six methods init, set, build, hierarchy_build, smoothers_build and apply encapsulate all the functionalities for the setup and the application of any multilevel and one-level preconditioner implemented in the package. The method free deallocates the preconditioner data structure, while descr prints a description of the preconditioner setup by the user. For backward compatibility, methods are also accessible as stand-alone subroutines.

For each method, the same user interface is overloaded with respect to the real/complex and single/double precision data; arguments with appropriate data types must be passed to the method, i.e.,

A description of each method is given in the remainder of this section.

 5.1 Method init
 5.2 Method set
 5.3 Method hierarchy_build
 5.4 Method smoothers_build
 5.5 Method build
 5.6 Method apply
 5.7 Method free
 5.8 Method descr
 5.9 Auxiliary Methods
  5.9.1 Method: dump
  5.9.2 Method: clone
  5.9.3 Method: sizeof
  5.9.4 Method: allocate_wrk
  5.9.5 Method: free_wrk