5.3 Method hierarchy_build

call p%hierarchy_build(a,desc_a,info)

This method builds the hierarchy of matrices and restriction/prolongation operators for the multilevel preconditioner p, according to the requirements made by the user through the methods init and set.



type(psb_xspmat_type), intent(in).

The sparse matrix structure containing the local part of the matrix to be preconditioned. Note that x must be chosen according to the real/complex, single/double precision version of AMG4PSBLAS under use. See the PSBLAS User’s Guide for details [20].


type(psb_desc_type), intent(in).

The communication descriptor of a. See the PSBLAS User’s Guide for details [20].


integer, intent(out).

Error code. If no error, 0 is returned. See Section 7 for details.