User’s and Reference Guide
A guide for the Algebraic MultiGrid Preconditioners Package based on PSBLAS
Pasqua D’Ambra
IAC-CNR, Naples, Italy
Fabio Durastante
University of Pisa and IAC-CNR
Salvatore Filippone
University of Rome Tor-Vergata and IAC-CNR
Software version: 1.0
May 11th, 2021  

1 General Overview
2 Code Distribution
3 Configuring and Building AMG4PSBLAS
 3.1 Prerequisites
 3.2 Optional third party libraries
 3.3 Configuration options
 3.4 Bug reporting
 3.5 Example and test programs
4 Getting Started
 4.1 Examples
 4.2 GPU example
5 User Interface
 5.1 Method init
 5.2 Method set
 5.3 Method hierarchy_build
 5.4 Method smoothers_build
 5.5 Method build
 5.6 Method apply
 5.7 Method free
 5.8 Method descr
 5.9 Auxiliary Methods
6 Adding new smoother and solver objects to AMG4PSBLAS
7 Error Handling
A License
B Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct